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♥Tell her she is beautiful,not hot or fine
♥ Hold her hand any time you can
♥Kiss her on the forehead
♥Leave her voice messages to wake up to
♥When she is upset hold her tight and don't let go
♥Recongise the small things they usually mean the most
♥Call her Yours
♥Sing to her no matter how awful your voice is
♥Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with
♥Write her notes [she loves them]
♥Introduce her to family and friends as your girlfriend
♥Play with her hair and kiss her on the neck
♥Pick her up, tickle her and have play fights wiTh heR
♥Pick her up and act like your gonna drop her, she will scream and yell at you to put her down but she loves it really
♥Tell her jokes
♥Throw little Pebbles at her window in the middle of the night just because you miss her
♥Let her fall asleep in your arms
♥Make her feel that she's the one
♥Carve your names in a tree
♥When she is mad kiss her
♥When you don't like her honest!!
♥Bring her flowers just because she is yours
♥Treat her the same around your mates as if you were alone
♥Let her take as many pics of you as she wants
♥Slow dance with her even if theres no music
♥Kiss her in the rain
♥Take her for long walks down the beach
♥And most importantly if you love her...Tell her.

Ich bin eine Hure, Schlampe, Bratze, Fotze남껙남께께께께
Ich hasse hasse hasse mich.
Tot verdammte scheie.
21.5.07 21:59

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Mademoiselle / Website (23.5.07 13:30)
huh? :x was ist los? =( warum hasst du wundervoller emnsch dich denn? da gibt es keinen grund fr
ich lieebe dich <33

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